Browse Arctic Observations Value Trees

According to the study that produced the value trees below currently approximately 177,6 m€/year are being used for Earth Observation inputs and 26,6 m€ for modeling and predicting with this information. This is only about a fifth of the costs for similar observations in the 30°N to 60°N slice of the Earth (810 m€).

The value tree right hand side is representing Societal Benefit Areas and associated key objectives filled according to the framework for arctic observations assessment top three levels. The lower three-five layers have been built in a SAON project funded by the Finnish Foreign Affairs Ministry and the iCupe ERAPlanet project under EU grant No agreement No 689443. The report describing how the lower levels have been weighted is available here. Please investigate the trees in the list below, choose a particularly interesting component from the dropdown menu and see how the related value flows towards it and from the component towards Societal Benefits.